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mccain kind of way. putin having a ukrainian stray dog doppleganger, best new thing in the world. good friday morning. right now on "first look," president obama warns that congress could throw our economy into crisis by shutting down the government. a gop majority in the house votes to cut food stamps by $40 billion. breaking news overnight, 13 people shot in chicago including a 3-year-old child. we'll have the very latest details. plus pope francis rocks the catholic world with his views on the real mission of the church. coca-cola issues an apology for this message. good morning. you better buckle up. the next 11 days are going to be
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bumpy. republicans have slashed billions for food stamps and the fight over the budget is just beginning. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from washington. this deadline is coming up quick. have negotiations even begun? >> reporter: not really. you can't really call them negotiations. they are talking at each other instead of to each other here on capitol hill. the vote that's happening today is going to affect so-called obama care trying to pull the money out of that to keep this government running until ten days before christmas. the latest budget battle puts soldiers' paychecks, medicare, student loans, even food stamps at risk. >> it's beyond cat ka liz mik. >> reporter: those who could lose food stamps are jobless. >> this bill is cruel, even heartless. >> reporter: today's battle, obama care, stripping the money out of the health program.
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>> i will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund obama care. >> any bill that defunds obama care is dead, dead. >> reporter: republicans are linking health care to passing a budget. if there's no budget in 11 days, the government could shut down. next month, raising the debt limit to pay american's bills. republicans say not again. >> republicans have no interest in defaulting on our debt, none. we want to find a way to pay it off. >> the answer is no, we will not negotiate. >> reporter: washington cruising toward a crisis. and cruising may the not be best way to describe it. more like speeding. we're looking at a possible government shutdown deadline in less than two weeks. >> tracie potts many washington, thanks for that. now to a breaking story out of chicago where a 3-year-old boy is among 13 people shot overnight and the city already
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krimed by gun violence. that child took a bullet to the head and is in critical condition at this moment. so are two others according to officials. police say someone opened fire on the group in a park on the ci city's southwest side. it happened shortly after 10:00 p.m. local time thursday. ten ambulances arrived on scene and police believe the shooting is gang related. no one is in custody. south of the border now to mexico where thousands of people including many american tourists are trapped after the coast was hit by a tropical storm for the second time in five days. and the damage is just remarkable. hurricane manuel triggered a landslide in this village along the pacific coast. tons of mud and rocks slammed into the city's center. 97 people have died with that number expected to rise. the resort town of acapulco took the first director hit. thousands of u.s. citizens remain stranded. the airport remains under water.
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manuel has dissipated but is expected to bring heavy rains to texas and we'll have more on the forecast in a few minutes. blunt comments from pope francis are sending shock waves around the world. in an interview he said "we cannot insist onlien issues relate related to it abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. we have to find a new balance otherwise even the moral ed fas of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards. this follows an impromptu press conference where during a flight he said who am i to judge when asked about a gay priest. pope francis said when god looks at a gay person does he endorse or reject this person. we must consider the person. the remarks contrast with the doctrines of pope john paul ii.
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a heroing story of escape and loss from inside the navy yard complex. laverne was on the fourth floor of building 17 when shots rang out. the 39-year-old hit the ground saying glass shattered by her head and she knew she had to leave. that's what she saw her colleague shot in his left temple. laverne said she felt him breathe. she told him "we don't want you to go." they ultimately made it to an intersection just outside the complex where these photos were taken of laverne performing cpr on her friend who tragically died. it's one of the many stories coming out as new details emerge about the tragic shooting. usis says they conducted the 2007 background check that allowed aaron alexis access to the navy yard.
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it's also the same firm that checked former contractor edward snowden. now it's time for your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. a bang of the gavel has safed the hammer. an appeals court in texas overturned the conviction of tom delay. the texas republican was found gazillion of funneling money to gop candidates. the evidence was insufficient but prosecutors said they will appeal. rand paul spoke at the pac conference. he compared them to charley sheen because they are winning on the issues. >> i think we are winning in the sense that the public is with us. it's not just us. it's not just the remnant or the hard core. but i think the public is many general with us on these issues. peter king railed against fellow republican ted cruz. the tea party favorite has been one of the far right republicans
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pushing to defund obama care even if it means a government shutdown. >> we as house republicans should stop letting ted cruz set our agenda for us. if he can deliver, fine. if he can't, he should keep quiet and we shouldn't listen to him. >> that family feud is knocking on john boehner's door. eric gurr filed paperwork to challenge the house speaker in the primary. caroline kennedy sat before a senate committee as her nominations kbet under way. she hoped to fulfill her father's wish. >> as a world war ii veteran who served in the pacific he hopes to be the first sitting president to make a state visit to japan. if confirmed as ambassador i would be humbled to carry his legacy forward in a small way and represent our democratic
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societies. >> that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. recovery from extreme weather begins as fall starts to show its true colors. on thursday deveer thunderstorms were responsible for two deaths and multiple fires across northern indiana with the city of south bend breaking rainfall records. and in boulder, colorado, dry weather and rekraeding water levels mark the kbining of a cleanup effort. and for more on the nation's weather forecast, i'm joined by bill karins. >> the snow is pretty. >> it's a little early. i know you're upset that summer is ending. >> the days get shorter and darker and colder. it's miserable. >> some people love fall. >> good pr them. >> let's get into it. the stuff that happened in mexico was just as bad as what happened in colorado. now that moisture has moved into texas. you can see it happening.
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manuel was on the bottom left of your screen. there are all the bright yellows and reds. that's moved all the way to texas in a hurry. that's where all the rain is this morning. we're getting soaked right now. a lot of heavy rain across the dallas-fort worth area. expect a lot of travel delays. oklahoma is getting into the mix. the heavy rain is pushing into arkansas and even an area of heavy rain around louisiana. yesterday we saw a strong thunderstorm over minneapolis down to the quad cities. kansas city, those have moved toward st. louis and chicago this morning. through the weekend, that cold front and heavy rain is going to push through the southeast into the eastern sea board. we begin fall late sunday afternoon. 4:44 is when we welcome in fall. >> i can't believe the official beginning is this weekend. where did summer go? >> pumpkins and then snow. >> thank you. straight ahead, warren
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buffett asks why we're benching a .400 hitter. plus you'll never guess who is behind the wheel of this su vurks that hits a man crossing the street. my customers can shop around.
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other stories making news this morning. the obama administration will unveil new environmental rules for new power plants that would place limits on greenhouse gas emissions. they want energy industry to achieve new new technology. they argue it it will inkrecrea cost of electricity. today is the day. die hard iphone fans have been waiting for. the new models go on sale in the u.s., china and seven other countries. lines at apple stores were already forming by mid-thursday. a journalist for russian president vladimir putin says the former prime minister who has been kwiked of tax fraud wouldn't have any problems with
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the law if he was gay. putin said that he went on trial just because he lives with women. if he was a homosexual nobody would dare touch him. putin also denies they face discrimination. the police chief in houston has been suspended without pay after he hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk with his city vehicle. the chief says he didn't see the pedestrian who suffered minor injuries. he says the suspension was implemented because he holds himself to a higher standard. now pr your first look at business. we turn to seema modi. >> here's the top story. home depot is making changes to their health care plans. they will shift some to public insurance exchanging next year. these let individuals buy coverage under president obama's health care law. and mortgage rates are slipping. the average rate fell to 4.5%
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this week. the move comes amid-signs the economy may be sleowing. disney is parting ways with jerry bruk hiemer. the man behind the pie the rats of the caribbean franchise will still work on a fifth film but the release of the movie has been delayed. >> thanks so much, seema. warren buffett tells our city station cnbc that the economy is continuing a gradual increase that started in 2009. he likens ben bernanke to a batter hitting .400 in baseball and should be kept on the job. coca-cola is apologizing to a consumer who purchased a vitamin water to find an offensive message. the words "you retard" were printed. that in french translates to
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late or delayed. the company says they did not mean to offend anyone. sports is straight ahead. first, we have a friday trivia question for you. who is the wealthiest current or former nfl player. we'll have the answer when "first look" returns. let's get the ball rolling in communities like chicago we're coming together with the city and military veterans for the coca-cola foundations troops for fitness an innovative program that's inspiring hundreds of people with fun ways to move a little more stay active and to see how good a little balance can feel part of our goal is to inspire more than 3 million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make... together!
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before the break we asked a trivia question. who is wealthiest current or former nfl player? the answer is john madden with a net worth of $200 million. i'm sure ut video games didn't hurt. richard lui is here with the rest of sports. >> good friday to you. "thursday night football" first. 14 years, especially for a chubby old guy, so said andy reid. now the coach of the chiefs. his homecoming got a standing ovation. donovan mcnabb had his number 5 jersey retired. michael vick passing, chiefs tipping it. taking it for the touchdown. chiefs recover the fumble. kansas city's d overwhelms philadelphia 26-16. in college football, number 3
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klem clemson against unranked north carolina state. it was all tigers qb boyd and brian. they connect twice for touchdowns. clemson, 26-14. also isaiah battle throws a punch. he knocks down jarvis byrd. what are you doing? battle got ejected because of that. it's do or die. usa versus new zealand. they need one more to win the america's cup. team usa pulls the fat out of the fire on thursday. race 13, a nail biter, is today. >> that's so cool. we should watch this for the rest of the show. >> let's go. >> the dodger clinch the west title last night. >> that's a party. >> a little bit of champagne. the players also decide to jump into the complex's spa pool. why not? >> i think they are a little
2:21 am
happy. >> either that or dirty. >> dodgers celebrate. ing by doing the worm. he did it three times. >> do you count each roll as one? >> when you have a 19 mac, you can do anything. st. louis at colorado. rockies first base mans with the old hidden ball trick. got you. i was thinking of a howard reference. i cohn think of one. he kept the ball. that quick outlet. 7-6 win on that. in detroit, tiger's first baseman can't bring it in. thank you for that nacho. you can never say no to a nacho, my trend. >> thank you, richard. it's time for our first look
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at today's politics. we'll look back at some of the top political stories of the day with kevin ze rilly who joins us from washington. happy friday to you. >> we saw house republicans vote to cut $40 billion from food stamp programs. this as they are leading the charge to defund health care. don't they run the risk of starting to look a little uncompassion to the american public? >> i think when you're talking about democrats and those in the middle, yes, a huge risk. but this caters to their base. as they head into the 2014 midterm elections, it's about rallying the base. it's talking about wasteful government spending at a time when we're just around from the looming budget battle. but kind of an emotional misconnection that we have heard a lot about. >> the fight to defund obama care puts john boehner in a very tough position. best case scenario, what's
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compromise and success look like for the speaker? what's the best he can hope for? >> that there's no government shutdown and he's able to keep some leadership as he continues into these looming battles and these manufactured fights. but you know, we have talked a lot about recently president obama and his krit ilks and perhaps his diminished political capital. but speaker boehner is someone else who you have to wonder are the rank and file members really listening to him. 40 times, 40 times republicans have voted to defund obama care. so tying it it to the continuing resolution, this is just an extension of that. it seems like those efforts have elevated. >> kevin, thank you for that. have a great weekend. >> you too. coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be back for "first buzz." so trusted...
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nascar is ab.out excitement but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
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everybody seems to like the new pope. he seems like a down to earth guy. i'm not sure if this is the best idea. a company in california is selling a new cologne inspired by pope francis. a cologne inspired by the head of the catholic church has an interesting name too. confession. >> it's time for first buzz. what you got? >> it's friday. let's drink to it. there's a 60-year-old bottle of scotch whiskey being sold in arizona for $17,000. it it gives you $1,000 a shot.
2:28 am
the everyday whiskey is $1. >> my kids would knock that over and i'd have to pay for it. >> what would it it cost at a regular store? >> i go to show you these. pictures. this photographer wen looking for a sunset and captured this instead. this thunderstorm was right over the top. the thunderstorm base was very close. it was a long exposure lens and literally lit up the canyon. some of the most picturesque scenes i have ever seen. >> this is a perfect example. >> i would love to have that. you should have that framed. definitely a screen saver. >> we're going to send you out on the weekend with a triple dose of adorable. three lion cubs made their debut at a zoo in oregon. they are all females. their debut was in the first
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post natal exam. they had a public exam. the reason they had the exam is because they noticed one of the sisters was removed from the other two. they wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. have a great weekend. "way too early" starts right now. the groundwork has been set for a monumental showdown on capitol hill. either the kras vote to defund the train wreck that is obama care or they will shut down the federal government. >> the house will pass a cr that defunds obama care. >> can you see the smile on my face because we're so happy because we're getting to a consensus now with republicans. >> yes, a victory lap because obama care is dead. ♪
2:30 am
>> not exactly. as the house of representatives plan to make another move against obama care, two champions of the cause backtrack in the senate. we hear from senator z cruz and lee. not sure what else i'm going to say about that until you see it. the pope has a lot to say and he's certainly stirring the vatican city pot. what he's saying about gays, contraception and abortion. and two teams celebrate clinching a playoff spot, but one of them took it too far. we'll explain on this friday edition of "way too early." good morning. brian shactman here. september 20th. other things we want to talk about is another foreign leader writing an op-ed in a major u.s.

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